TANGENTS E03: Video Games & Addiction & Flight & Mushrooms

Tangents combines personal memoirs with philosophical contemplations to create collages of animation, live-action and found footage. Each episode is a cyclical journey that moves through disparate spaces and characters, from the crowded streets of Vietnam to the rainy beaches of Rhode Island. At its heart, Tangents is a stream-of-conscious exploration of what it means to be human in the modern world.


Producer --- Delia Liu
Director of Photography --- Brendan Stumpf

Assistant Camera --- Jordan Evans-Boyajian
Production Coordinator --- Chloe Sabin
PAs --- Rebecca Scagos, Katherine Lazoritz,
Dez Hardy, Jaye Middleton

Special FX Makeup --- Aria Ferraro
Visual FX / Animation --- Casey Drogin
Additional FX --- Joanna Newman
Music --- Nate Kinsella
Sound Design --- Geoff Strasser
Color --- Sam Gursky

Narrator --- Ronald Peet
Shal --- John Kelly
Model --- Stephanie Dauman
Friend --- Danielle Knight